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A pub crawl across America: tips on the new best places to drink in the States »


Beer trails from coats to coast: the beer connoisseur’s guide to America’s frothy new landscape – by Karen Nagy

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Be captivated by Ibiza’s white magic »


Over the past two decades, Ibiza – pronounced eye-beef-a in certain circles – has become synonymous with super clubs, all-nighters, big-name DJs as well as the infamous brash party town San Antonia. Eivissa – as it is named in the dialect of the Balearics – on the other hand, is a beautifully picturesque and peaceful island in the Mediterranean sea, affectionately nick-named the White Isle. And it is surprising that on such a small land mass two more different worlds could exist. But they do and those in the know have done rather well to not let it slip.

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Think you know what the most expensive country to visit on holiday is? »


Well, it’s definitely not what you’d expect!

Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, gathered info on the cost of things such as a coffee, a beer, a meal, a hotel room, and surprisingly enough France came out as the costliest country to go on vacation, excluding flights.

Well, that puts paid to the idea of a cheap and chearful getting-away-from-it-all break in the south of France then!

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Great ideas for a bank holiday in London »


The UK has so few national holidays that we treasure those 8 bank-holiday Mondays sprinkled throughout the year; and, with May having a greedy 2, you have to make sure you make the most of your long weekends – even if it typically rains, as we all know it will!

As the Spring bank holiday is only few days away here’s what we did on the last May Day bank holiday to give you a few ideas for what you can do with yours:

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Sugoi ne! Japanese treats for all tastes in the heart of London’s West End »


Loos so advanced you need instructions!

What could be better after a long day shopping in the West End or sight-seeing around central London than treating yourself to a ‘kaiten’ sushi buffet and a cold glass of Kirin at the award winning Yo! Sushi.

Their newest restaurant has just opened on Market Place, two minutes from Oxford Circus, and comes complete with genuine Japanese toilets to try out: push the buttons and you’ll leave Yo! Sushi feeling fed, watered, clean and refreshed.

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Victory again for girl-political-power in Latin America »


Costa Rica has sworn in its new president, Laura Chinchilla, in front of leaders from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Georgia. Unfortunately, this triumph for parity in politics will taste bitter sweet for campaigners for abortion and gay rights in the central American country.

Did you know: there are currently 12 women presidents/prime ministers in office around the world!

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‘Painting a brighter future for the endangered Asian elephant’ »


Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. Conceived and organised  by, the event sees over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants located around central London this summer from May to July 2010.

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Volcanic eruption in Iceland closes UK airports »


All flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south.

Check out the latest news and videos at:

See some impressive pictures direct from the volcano at:

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Are you really dying for a Coca Cola? »


Have a look at this unconventional report on what Coca Cola is doing for the world; it’s not just about cheesey ads with nostalgic tunes like First Time by Robin Beck; bare-chested men filling the emotional hole of single women on their 11.30 diet coke break; or Coca Cola claiming it might as well have invited Christmas – it’s the real thing alright!

Coca-Cola – The Alternative Report

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The human price of cheap clothes »


Ever wondered how it’s possible for certain UK stores to make and sell clothes for such a low cost? Well, someone always has to pay the price even if it is not you directly. Judge for yourself @:

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Back for 2010 »


Happy New Year!

After a short  break, as I made my way between various Central American countries and back to the UK, I am online and ready to go for 2010.

In the news; Ryan Air falls foul of OFT for its unscrupulous hidden charges. Bosses says travellers like the way Ryan Air does business but I am not so sure. You?

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Benicassim and other great travel offers on the web »


Here’s a few examples of good deals just waiting for you to find them:

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Women accussed of being witches in India are beaten in local playground »


Superstitous beliefs or greed and jealousy?

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Belize Cayes to Antigua to Lago de Atitlán to Volcán Pacaya »

Zapotilla Cayes, Belize

Zapotilla Cayes, Belize

To round off our time in the Caribbean we took a day trip snorkelling around the Cayes of Belize. If you ever got the chance to do this I thoroughly recommend it. Crystal turquoise waters, white sand, beautiful fish and what’s more, whale sharks. Unfortunately, the island we stopped on also had some vicious sand flies so I returned to Antigua with a golden tan but covered in red welts.

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TALE: Top class ticket to ride »


Somehow I had bought the wrong ticket. Due to some miscommunication – which so frequently occurs when traveling I was surprised it had not resulted in more mishaps before now – the train I should have been on had left the day before. It was just turning midnight and I had checked out of the Salvation Army hostel a good 12 hours ago. As I stood in Mumbai Central under a sign saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, surrounded by hundreds of people, their tiffin trays and life belongings, sleeping anywhere they could find space, the ticket clerk laid out my options, ‘Madam, we only have third class tickets to Varanasi tonight, or you can come back tomorrow’.

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Livingston Guatemala – my office … »

Working hard

Working hard

on the beach; what more needs to be said. We are in La Buga – Livingston, a town accessible only by boat on Guatemala’s short 74-km Caribbean coastline. Here Latin meets Black Carib, this being focal point of the Garifuna people – a culture born out of Africans meeting Caribbeans on the island of St Vincent during the days of European colonial rule.

Garifuna - Guatemalan Caribbean

Garifuna - Guatemalan Caribbean

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A black Christ, Mayan ruins and coco locos in Guatemala’s Orient »


Esquipulas FaithOn the road for work I have seen some remarkable sights over the past few days. In Esquipulas I saw the ancient caving of a black Jesus Christ, the site of a mega pilgrimage every year on January 15th.






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Malnutrition, illegal air strips and Mr Guatemala »

EU donates millions to combat malnutrition in Guatemala

EU donates millions

Guatemala’s farming poor are suffering from the knock-on effects of global warming. For the third year running the country’s rivers and agricultural potential have shrunk resulting in a food shortage crisis across five of the driest states. So far, the deaths of at least 25 children have been directly attributed to chronic malnutrition and now the EU has stepped in pledging $18,750,000 (about €13,000,000). If we all just turned off our TVs, our A/C units, drove our cars less or did some recycling it’d be a lot cheaper.

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Alternative Tourism in Nicaragua »

Coffee tours with CECOCAFEN

Coffee tours with CECOCAFEN

Tourism has grown rapidly in Nicaragua and is now its second largest industry. As an alternative to traditional tourism, such as cultural or beach resort tourism, there are now plenty of other options which allow you to see a different side of the country you’re visiting, get you closer to the local community and offer you the chance to give something back in the process.

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188 vs 34 »

It's my party and ...

It's my party and ...

September 15th was the day of two important events: celebrating Central America’s almost two centuries of independence from Spain, and, no less significant, it was also Miguel’s birthday.

To mark the occasion we threw a garden party and cooked up a feast on the BBQ: satay chicken with peanut sauce, shrimp and veggie kebabs, hotdogs and fajitas. I even made a chocolate ‘avalanche’ cake. And all washed down with plenty of rum and watermelon vodka m- after which all the nice people told Miguel he only looked 24.