Tenía una idea tan flexible de la juventud que nunca me pareció demasiado tarde I had such a flexible idea of youth that I never considered it too late
Gabriel García Márquez, Memoria de mis putas tristes

About this site

This collection has come together out of a desire to share with the world, especially my family and friends, what I’ve experienced and also what I’ve learned while out on the road. Anything that can make our lives better is worth doing.

About me


After a very busy high school career juggling exams, being head girl, captaining sports teams, plus hanging out with friends and drinking cider in the park, then came the summer of ‘96 and everything changed. I turned down studying law at university and instead took a year out, to ‘travel and consider my options’.  And such a good decision it was. I got a real taste of the travel pie and knew I had to have more. I returned to the UK and the University of Manchester to read Spanish and French – all part of the plan to help me experience the world.

And since that life affirming decision to not follow a linear career path, while I won’t deny that here have been ups and downs, I have always been sure that I made the right choice for me. From that great summer in Madrid, when I caught a flight over, with no friends, no place to stay and no job (and in the end found all of them); to teaching English in a Japanese fishing village; volunteering in Nepal and meeting a Mao rebel in the Himalayas; or learning to surf on Nias Island off Indonesia. But the journey is not over yet.


I am currently in London where I am working for a human rights organisation.

So far I have visited 33 countries across 5 continents:

Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Morocco, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, USA, Canada.

Next trip – Barcelona for a friend’s wedding.

How it works

Travel mapshows the location of places I have been to and written about. Run the mouse pointer over the red man, he’s waving ‘hellooooo’, and click on the info displayed to take you to the post or article.

Homepage Here you’ll find posts on various topics: short stories written by me about my experiences around the world; travel tips, ideas on where to go, what to eat, books to read; info on current travel deals; and my journal from six months recently spent in Latin America.

About  Info on my background (you can download a PDF of my resume/CV), that is, what has got me to where I am.

Photo gallery Entertain yourself with some of the pictures I’ve taken throughout my globe trotting. More photos are being added all the time.

Volunteering – Get some ideas for how you could help the world from this list of organisations I have worked with.

Get in Touch – Send in any comments and suggestions; buy the largest version one of my photos; contact me about work; or simply say hello.

Jo Sykes – traveller – writer – humanist. Travel writing, articles, stories, blog, photos, maps and recommendations from Joanne Sykes on www.josykes.com
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Comment by
Margaret Rooke
1 Sep 2009

Fantastic elastic!

Comment by
Tom - UK
8 Sep 2009

Just been perusing your website and think it is amazing, you are living the life I thought I would lead, so happy for you. You look great and seem to be putting the world to rights bit by bit. The titbits of writing I have read are superb and hope that you get the recognition you deserve, never stop and keep exploring.

Comment by
Shimon Choudhury
1 Oct 2009

Ahhh Jo! So good to hear from you – your website is absolutely amazing, have saved it to my favourites at work and am really looking forward to reading more of it! Always knew you would go on to do bigger and better things! I am okay, looking for inspiration as ever..!
Enjoy your travels and keep smiling.

Comment by
cath sykes
31 May 2011

wonderful website, you are amazing and we are so proud of you