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The travel community is massive and full of like-minded individuals ready to share insight and the latest news on travel from around the world. Here are some of my favourite links – feel free to send in your suggestions, as our community expands everyday.



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Comment by
1 Sep 2009

Your website is amazing and helpful for fellow travellers and us lot trying to keep up with your wonderful adventures. Very easy to use and clear layout. Presentation of the website is asthetically pleasing too! A great hit!!

Comment by
Fiona - UK
2 Sep 2009

Thanks for all your updates – keep them coming – really enjoy knowing you are gallivanting around South America!

Comment by
Andrea - France
14 Sep 2009

Just checked out your website, I really like it. It’s sleek! I find the photos beautiful and the text is uncluttered.

Comment by
Jack Sykes
23 Sep 2009

Hi Joanne, it’s Jack. I think your website is really cool and you have done a really good job. I think the website is extremely helpful and you should be proud of yourself. Well done 🙂

Comment by
2 Oct 2009

Hello Gorgeous
Wow what a wonderful time you seem to be having; love the website.
So sorry that we haven’t been in touch in ages but enjoying reading about all your exploits.
Lots of love, Belxxx

Comment by
Mark s
3 Oct 2009

Off travelling in South America soon. Your web page is both an inspiration and source of invaluable information. Thank you!

Comment by
22 Oct 2009

Hey, just heard the news… hope you guys ok xxx come back soonxxxxxx