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Jo Sykes – traveller – writer – humanist. Travel writing, articles, stories, blog, photos, maps and recommendations from Joanne Sykes on
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Comment by
Don Fuggle - Australia
11 Sep 2009

I have had an explore of your website and I am impressed!!

Comment by
Denny - Guatemala/Canada
28 Sep 2009

Keep up the good work on the site. It is excellent.

Comment by
Eleni Kanellas
1 Oct 2009

How COOL are you Ms Sykes!! have just had a look through your website – I am so impressed! It seems you are really enjoying yourself and are doing things that really matter to you! Good for you – am well proud!

Comment by
Cheets - NZ
11 Oct 2009

Jo, this is the first time I’ve looked at your website – it’s awesome!! Didn’t realise what an amazing journey you guys have been on…

Happy Travelling!

Comment by
6 Mar 2010

Hi cuz, loved seeing what you’ve been getting up to. Italy looks so nice can; you take me next time! See you soon.

Comment by
Isabel Perez
5 Oct 2010

What a brill read. Top marks to you! Haven’t looked at this since you guys came back from Latin America. I was impressed then, but even more so now. Looking forward to the next instalments!

Comment by
cath sykes
8 Aug 2011

Seen you driving the Mustang. Brilliant!