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Be captivated by Ibiza’s white magic

Over the past two decades, Ibiza – pronounced eye-beef-a in certain circles – has become synonymous with super clubs, all-nighters, big-name DJs as well as the infamous brash party town San Antonia. Eivissa – as it is named in the dialect of the Balearics – on the other hand, is a beautifully picturesque and peaceful island in the Mediterranean sea, affectionately nick-named the White Isle. And it is surprising that on such a small land mass two more different worlds could exist. But they do and those in the know have done rather well to not let it slip.

I recently spent a week in Ibiza with some friends who,  living on mainland Spain conveniently just where the ferry sails over to Ibiza in just 2 relaxing  hours, have been going to Ibiza every year for over a decade. For years they have been trying to persuade me to join them and this year, being the first I have not been away travelling, I let myself be  captivated with stories of the island they have fallen in love with. Et Je l’aime.

Admittedly we did spend one evening, right through from watching the sun set at Café Mambo (next to but not as clichéd as Café del Mar) until the sun came up the next day, living it up at ‘Pacha’ – including a pre-clubbing  re-fuel in the Pacha Sushi lounge – but we were lucky enough to be on the VIP list.  The rest of the week was filled with lazy mornings by the pool, afternoons mooching round the hippie stalls in Ibiza Town, late evening meals in charming restaurants overlooking the bay. It was divine, it was light, it was blue, it was bikini bottoms, strappy dresses, watermelon mojitos, the enchanting fort of D’alt Villa, hidden coves, pink pound power, beautiful people, free  love,  sexy boats, Continental chic, culinary delights, sleepy villages and magic.

Everyone must discover their own Ibiza, and fall in love the way Emma and Liam did, the way I was swept away. But to get you started here’s a few hints, five and nothing more: Sa Punta restaurant; Es Cavellet beach; Las Salinas resort; Juan y Andrea on Formentera; Marina Botofoch.

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Rob Ryan
4 Aug 2011

And don’t forget Bar los Gatos, in Carrer Progres, Sant Antoni.
Excellent website!
What was Ecuador v Argentina like and who won? I saw Barcelona beat LDU Quito 3-0, back in 1997, in the last match of the season , first against second, and a championship decider.