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Think you know what the most expensive country to visit on holiday is?

Well, it’s definitely not what you’d expect!

Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, gathered info on the cost of things such as a coffee, a beer, a meal, a hotel room, and surprisingly enough France came out as the costliest country to go on vacation, excluding flights.

Well, that puts paid to the idea of a cheap and chearful getting-away-from-it-all break in the south of France then!

More expected is that the out and out (that’s including flights) most expensive country to travel to is Japan – but I’d say don’t let that out you off experiencing its rich culture and history. Check to get some travel-savvy spending tips.

And the one to put at the top of your destination list: Cyprus. It came out top when including and excluding flights, despite people’s perception of Cyprus as the 14th most expensive place to visit. And it looks pretty awesome if you ask me!

See for more ideas on how to get a good travel deal.

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