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Early bird Benicassim (Spain) festival tickets on

I went here  a few years ago and it it is one of the best festivals I have been to. I managed to see Amy Winehouse before the big crash, as well as Kings of Leon, Magic Numbers, Iggy Pop, Artic Monkeys and some awesome DJs . This event has a different feel to the typical British festival as the music area and camping grounds are not self-contained. When you’re not watching a gig you can wander around the pretty town of Benicassim with shops, restaurants and bars and a lovely golden beach. The festival ground also has bars and food stalls and plenty of space for chilling out. Music starts about 8pm and goes on to 8am. If you want to sleep at least a little do not stay at the camp ground right next to the festival; there are two others further away, but try to get there early (Wednesday) so secure a spot under a tree to pitch your tent. The sun is already quite firece by 7am and your tent becomes a greenhouse. Or you can organise to stay in an apartment complex a short bus ride away (see festival website). And when you need to find somewhere to sleep out of the midday sun (because you were partying until dawn) there is a water park nearby with fun slides and plenty of shade. and

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