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Women accussed of being witches in India are beaten in local playground

Superstitous beliefs or greed and jealousy?

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Comment by
22 Oct 2009

So terrible! Cheers for the link.
Again and again and again, that region is notorious for it. Another obstacle for widows. There is a really great charity – Widows Rights Org which support worth giving some kudos to! Kate Young, the co-founder of Womankind helped set it up. (Kate Young is also a trustee of Acid Survivors Trust International whilst on the topic!)

I’ll keep you updated on anything else I hear about this…

Comment by
1 Apr 2010

I attended a semainar in Delhi the other week, and present were several tribal ladies from Assam in the North East of India. They have travelled out of Assam for the first time in their 30 year old life, first time on a train, airoplane, in a big city like Delhi….
they did the journey to voice their personal stories- both ladies spoke of how their parents were murdered after being labelled as ‘witches’. An old man in the village became ill with liver cancer and the family were accused of witchcraft – actually her words were ‘breathing close by…’. The parents were both murdered. Children left to fend for themselves. Old man lives on with cancer.
The North East Region Research Camp; Social Work Netowrk (NERSWN), based in Assam, accompanied the ladies. Much kudos to Raju.