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Malnutrition, illegal air strips and Mr Guatemala

EU donates millions to combat malnutrition in Guatemala

EU donates millions

Guatemala’s farming poor are suffering from the knock-on effects of global warming. For the third year running the country’s rivers and agricultural potential have shrunk resulting in a food shortage crisis across five of the driest states. So far, the deaths of at least 25 children have been directly attributed to chronic malnutrition and now the EU has stepped in pledging $18,750,000 (about €13,000,000). If we all just turned off our TVs, our A/C units, drove our cars less or did some recycling it’d be a lot cheaper.

Other stories that made it into the paper recently: over 800 illegal landing strips have been discovered by police across the country, from resurrected old air fields to clearings in forests or jungle plantations, thought to be used by drug traffickers; and Gustavo Mazariegos had been crowned Mr Guatemala 2009, check out this body … life in Guatemala goes on.

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