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El Día de la Asunción

DSC00156 (Large)August 15 is the day commemorating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, when many believe that Jesus’ mother at the end of her life physically rose to heaven. Jocotenango, small town just 20 minutes walk from Antigua, holds annually a fête to celebrate this religious festival and so we went along to see what it was all about.

And to be honest, it was just like Honley carnival from when I was growing up in Yorkshire.

A river of plastic tack!

A river of plastic tack!

There were fancy dress parades, hook-a-duck (well hook a plastic toy from China), shoot the can, fairground rides, sports games, loads of food and of course, the beauty pageant to pick the town queen. Where it differed was that people, in between tacos and a game of tiddlywinks, were also visiting shrines and lighting candles in honour of the Virgin. A grand day out all in all.

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