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Estoy de goma

La Torilla All Stars festival

La Tortilla All Stars festival

Wherever you go you one of the first words you learn is how to say ‘I am hung over’ in the local parlance. In Spain – tengo resaca; Mexico – estoy crudo; Ecuador – estoy chuchaqui; and Guatemala – estoy de goma. Here, it literally means I am sticky, rubbery! Well today we are sticking to the sofa and the watching movies and eating pizza all day.

Last night we went to a local music festival up in the hills above Antigua. There were about 200-300 local musicians, Antiguans, ex-pats, a really good mix of people and a nice chilled, friendly atmosphere. A local family band, a man and his three sons, also performed for us. They play the marimba, a sort of Guatemalan xylophone, a conch shell, drums and flutes. They were good fun to listen to and the youngest was hilarious to watch. Watch the video and check out his original style of dancing. Such a dude! Grupo Maya Kaqchikel

They also had lots of rum behind the bar so we did our best at helping them get through it. And you know how times passes when you’re having fun. We arrived about 5pm and thought we’d stay a few hours. At 2am I was still dancing!

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3 Oct 2009

Glad you had a good time at the concert, sounds fun! I can add that in Chile (where I live, but not where I’m from) it’s caña. As in, ando con una cána terrible. There’s a hand motion that goes along with it, pointer side of your hand (loosely held) up to the forehead. Hope sticking to the couch helped!

I navigated over from Matador, if you’re wondering. I’ll be back!