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Ya’s got to eat Olive

Oh, so much to do!

Oh, so much to do!

Following my list of observations, here’s one of food I’ve been sampling, regularly :

  • Patacones: fried plantain balls with cheese
  • Locro: soup with cheese, avocado and potato
  • Llapingachos: potato omelette with egg, sauasage and salad
  • Bolon de verde: plantain dumplings filled with cheese or chorizo
  • Really good fruit: naranjilla (a cross between an orange and a tomato), tomate de arbol(tree tomato), mora (blackberry), guanabana (soursop), maracuya (passion fruit), uvilla (ground cherries), taxo (banana passionfruit) and pitahaya (dragon fruit).
  • Encebollado: marinated fish and seafood stew
  • Seco de chivo: goat stew
  • Empanadas: savoury turnovers
  • Ceviche: marinated seafood, uncooked, in a vinagre sauce
  • Pan de yuca: yucca or cassava bread, stuffed with cheese (of course)
  • Ají: spicy sasla
  • Choclo: grilled corn
  • Pollo asado: barbecued chicken

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richard sykes
3 Oct 2010

I recognise this quote! You should attribute this to it’s speaker in a credit. Popeye the sailor if I’m not mistaken. love dad.