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This is no urban myth

This is no urban myth!

Picture paints the truth!

We came across this mural yesterday. It was painted on the wall of a disused building site, in a non-descript area of town, on a main road, right  where you wouldn’t imagine anybody would both to stop and look. It reminded me of an article I read back in May.

In Chile, at the time of the 1973 military coup d’état, Victor Jara was successful Chilean musician, well-known across Latin America for such hits as “El derecho de vivir en paz” (the right to live in peace). He was one of thousands of people who were abducted and tortured in the Estadio Chile in Santiago -the national football stadium later named after him – under orders from the brutal Pinochet dictatorship. The bones in Jar’s hands were broken, as well as his ribs, and after being shot to death by machine gun fire his body was dumped by the road side.

On May 26th this year a judge finally ordered José Adolfo Paredes Márquez, now 54, to be detained in connection with the killing of Jara. However long it may take, the families of all those murdered or ‘disappeared’ deserve justice for what they suffered, and still suffer, because of those dark days in Chilean history. How Jara lived his life and what he stood for show no similarity with the way he was treated by his fellow countrymen. Victor Jara, thus, became a hero and today serves a reminder that the people of Chile, Argentina, all over Latin America are still seeking justice. The photo attached stands in testament to his legacy.

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