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March equinox: new beginnings

The spring equinox, scheduled for tomorrow, March 20 2012, marks new beginnings in the northern hemisphere. Many cultures around the world have honoured the equinoxes since the dawn of time. Rebirth was important to the Mayan people, celebrated at the Chichen-itza pyramid in the Yucatan, Mexico by sacrifcing animals to the gods.

Pagans and druids still gather at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK, to herald the sunrise over the historic stones, the end of the dark winter months and the start of the positive light-filled spring and summer seasons. If you can’t make it down there you can see the festivities on this live webcam.


On a more sinister note, the Mayans also famously predicted that the world will end on the winter solstice, December 21 2012. Before adding the countdown calendar to your favourites I definitely recommend reading some more on the 2012 phenomenon.


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