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Ecuador 2, Argentina 0!

Painted faces but no bikinis

Painted faces, but no bikinis

We got there at 1pm, even though the game didn’t start until 4pm. More time to soak up the atmosphere, I thought. The un-assigned seating system in the generales section (actually 4/5 of the stadium) means you have to fight for and guard with your life any little square of hard concrete you find to perch on.

Si se puede!

Si se puede!

After some haggling we got some space and took it in turns to go fetch beers, for the next 5 hours! Just as we’d slicked up with sun screen the heavens opened and the rain, sleet, hale poured down, for the rest of the day. If we’d paid four times as much we could have been sheltered with the preferenciales in the only stand with a cover. But it was all worth it. Ecuadort won and we got to join in with the crowd shouting ¡Llora llora llora Maradona! – ‘cry cry cry Maradona!’. He strutted up and down with his arms folded firmly across his chest while he watched his team loose to Ecuador.

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7 Oct 2009

You never have any bother finding a place to sit when you watch Huddersfield Town. Just roll up at kick off time and in you go, under cover as well. Mind you, getting a beer can be a bit of a drag. Maybe some things are the same everwhere.