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N’awlins – that’s New Orleans to you and me

Apparently I am a disgrace, terribly unpatriotic and should be drowned in the Mississippi….. for leaving my country on the day of the biggest and most important wedding in history. A debatbale point of view but one which many Americans were quick to share with me because, on 29 April 2011, I was in New Orleans for a wedding much closer to my heart; that of my friend Erin (we met on the terrace of a bed bug-ridden filthy hole-of-a-hotel in Taipei and consoled ourselves, for having trusted Lonely Planet’s recommendation, by drinking enough tall boys until we didn’t mind that you had to put your hand right inside the grimy cistern in order to flush the toilet). And I think Rosy’s Jazz Hall is a much better location for a wedding than Westminster Abbey anyway.

I also got to see my very good friends Britney and Hazim, whom I met while living in Japan, staying in their typical wooden creole house and visiting Brit’s ninth graders for an unusual Q&A session on the UK. You can see a selection of photos from our time in New Orleans in the photo gallery, including the Jazz Fest (and my heart throb Alejandro Sanz), the French Quarter and the kids from Brit’s elementary school.

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Comment by
Erin Boyer
30 Jun 2011

Yep, yep, definitely the best wedding ever! 🙂 Made all the more perfect by you & Migs. Our adventures continue, love…