Journey to the centre of the earth



Joined across different hemispheres

North versus South

Sunday we made our first trip out of the city to La Mitad del Mundo, a monument celebrating the country’s position (and where it gets its name from) at ‘the middle of the world’.

Life on the equator


Volcán Cayambe, 5790m

Volcán Cayambe, 5790m

Being at Latitude 00°15’S, Longitude 78°35’W, here the sun rises around 6am and sets about 6.30pm – all year round. So, unless you rise with the early bird you will definitely not catch the sun-worm, missing all the day-light while at work and arriving home after it’s dark already.

¡Viva la República!



View of the Basílica and Pichincha from Parque Ichimbía

Basílica and Pichincha from Parque Ichimbía

Saturday we got last minute tickets to see the opera Manuela y Bolivar, at the beautifully renovated Teatro Sucre in the old town.

Baila baila but be on your guard!

La Basílica del Voto Nacional - with monkey and jaguar gargoyles!

La Basílica del Voto Nacional - with monkey and jaguar gargoyles!

Friday night is party night, wherever you are!  Last night we ventured in to the Mariscal, aka Gringolandia, so named by the locals for being the area with the highest concentration of foreigners and/or locals who want to be like foreigners, act like foreigners, ‘get with’ a foreigner or pick-pocket a foreigner, plus all the loud bars putting in you in virtually any capital city around the world.

The adventure begins



Between packing up the flat, driving vans from London to Yorkshire to Hampshire, off-loading belongings (and kittens), squeezing in some quality time with family and friends, cleaning the Brixton flat for 7 hours to secure the deposit-return; setting off to Ecuador had seemed like more of a chore than an adventure of a life time.