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Great ideas for a bank holiday in London


The UK has so few national holidays that we treasure those 8 bank-holiday Mondays sprinkled throughout the year; and, with May having a greedy 2, you have to make sure you make the most of your long weekends – even if it typically rains, as we all know it will!

As the Spring bank holiday is only few days away here’s what we did on the last May Day bank holiday to give you a few ideas for what you can do with yours:

Sugoi ne! Japanese treats for all tastes in the heart of London’s West End


Loos so advanced you need instructions!

What could be better after a long day shopping in the West End or sight-seeing around central London than treating yourself to a ‘kaiten’ sushi buffet and a cold glass of Kirin at the award winning Yo! Sushi.

Their newest restaurant has just opened on Market Place, two minutes from Oxford Circus, and comes complete with genuine Japanese toilets to try out: push the buttons and you’ll leave Yo! Sushi feeling fed, watered, clean and refreshed.

Costa del Sol – El Salvador

Where's my Zacapa?

Where's my Zacapa?

After spending a week in the chilly highlands of Guatemala this weekend we headed to the beaches of El Salvador to catch some rays.

Ya’s got to eat Olive

Oh, so much to do!

Oh, so much to do!

Following my list of observations, here’s one of food I’ve been sampling, regularly :

  • Patacones: fried plantain balls with cheese
  • Locro: soup with cheese, avocado and potato
  • Llapingachos: potato omelette with egg, sauasage and salad
  • Bolon de verde: plantain dumplings filled with cheese or chorizo
  • Really good fruit: naranjilla (a cross between an orange and a tomato), tomate de arbol(tree tomato), mora (blackberry), guanabana (soursop), maracuya (passion fruit), uvilla (ground cherries), taxo (banana passionfruit) and pitahaya (dragon fruit).

TALE: Madrid in my 20s


When I was 20 I went to Madrid for the summer looking for work and, er, well, we’ll call it conversation. I’d started studying Spanish ab initio at university and I decided I that if I was to get anywhere in my degree it was vital I go and spend at least 2 months there, immersing myself in the language, soaking up the ‘culture’. Yes, maybe my chances of getting a job would be much higher on the Costa Brava, but there I’d be serving ‘full English breakfasts’ and or working in a German bakery.