80:80 World Refugee Day 20 June 2011


Deadly Discrimination – not just a case of sexist tea-making policies 

Did you know: 80% of the world’s refugees are women and children fleeing violence, persecution, starvation, slavery and sexual exploitation. What’s more, the poorest nations are hosting 80% of the world’s forcibly displaced population, while richer countries close their borders. So, on World Refugee Day 2011 I thought it apt to resurrect an article I wrote back in 2003, regarding the plight of women around the world (the tea-making refers to my own battle at the time, where the female teachers in the Japanese staff rooms were always expected to jump up and make tea).

Africa United


In the spirit of sharing and improving our knowledge, and the world, here’s the beginning of a movie blog to match the book blog.

The first movie I’d like to highlight has just been released this weekend – Africa United: a road movie with a difference. Five kids on a mission to get to the World Cup in South Africa, hitching a ride all the way from Rwanda. Ultimately this is a very uplifting film but it is still very real and manages to tackle some of the heavy issues affecting Africa – the thousands of AIDS orphans, child soldiers, teenage sex workers, internal refugee camps and the DRC, Africa’s heart of darkness. Go support it!