The good life in Costa Rica’s blue zone


This time last year my boyfriend and I were sitting on a beach in Costa Rica. It was just coming to the end of the rainy season and subsequently there were still relatively few tourists around. Those that were there were surfers, typically North Americans or Europeans, who had rented a room for six months to take advantage of the cheap long-term ‘green season’ rates, the epic waves and the empty beaches.We were also coming to the end ofour ownsix-month trip, during which I’d beenworking as a freelance travel writer in Ecuador and Guatemala. AndSanta Teresa, on the Nicoya peninsular, was the perfect place to stop, re-groupand take it all in.

Poor man’s Galápagos

The ultimate in footwear

The ultimate in footwear

Having decided it costs far too much money to get to the Gálapagos Islands and do a tour ($1000), it was well worth the $55 for the boat trip to Isla de la Plata to see humpback whales, blue and red footed boobies, red-billed frigatas and turtles .