Think you know what the most expensive country to visit on holiday is?


Well, it’s definitely not what you’d expect!

Skyscanner, a flight comparison website, gathered info on the cost of things such as a coffee, a beer, a meal, a hotel room, and surprisingly enough France came out as the costliest country to go on vacation, excluding flights.

Well, that puts paid to the idea of a cheap and chearful getting-away-from-it-all break in the south of France then!

TALE: Love on Fire


I had a choice: I could choose Euro Disney and work in a restaurant 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, wearing a ‘turn of the century’ costume, carrying on my shoulder a tray large enough to take 20 plates, living just a little too far out of Paris so that it would be tantalisingly close but yet realistically too far to fully appreciate; or, I could work for Carisma Holidays and work seven days a week, true, always more or less on call, yes, but wearing nothing but shorts and a bikini everyday, hosting cheese and wine parties and living only 300 metres from the beach on the west coast of France. I was 19 and to me the choice was obvious.