Living the dream!


I have dreamt of moving to Spain – permanently – for a long time. I’ve travelled extensively across the Iberian Peninsula but it’s not as ideal as living there, or at least owning your own property …  for long summer holidays or short winter getaways whenever you want. There’s a lot of expat advice about but a good place to start is with something concrete. A browse around the property sites will give you a feel for what’s out there. I’ve used Ideal Property before as it brings together homes and villas available through hundreds of different real estate agents and the map helpfully displays how many homes are listed in each province. The only problem is now, how will I ever decide where to live with so many beatutiful properties to chose from???

Be captivated by Ibiza’s white magic


Over the past two decades, Ibiza – pronounced eye-beef-a in certain circles – has become synonymous with super clubs, all-nighters, big-name DJs as well as the infamous brash party town San Antonia. Eivissa – as it is named in the dialect of the Balearics – on the other hand, is a beautifully picturesque and peaceful island in the Mediterranean sea, affectionately nick-named the White Isle. And it is surprising that on such a small land mass two more different worlds could exist. But they do and those in the know have done rather well to not let it slip.

Benicassim and other great travel offers on the web


Here’s a few examples of good deals just waiting for you to find them:

TALE: Madrid in my 20s


When I was 20 I went to Madrid for the summer looking for work and, er, well, we’ll call it conversation. I’d started studying Spanish ab initio at university and I decided I that if I was to get anywhere in my degree it was vital I go and spend at least 2 months there, immersing myself in the language, soaking up the ‘culture’. Yes, maybe my chances of getting a job would be much higher on the Costa Brava, but there I’d be serving ‘full English breakfasts’ and or working in a German bakery.