World religions

March equinox: new beginnings


The spring equinox, scheduled for tomorrow, March 20 2012, marks new beginnings in the northern hemisphere. Many cultures around the world have honoured the equinoxes since the dawn of time. Rebirth was important to the Mayan people, celebrated at the Chichen-itza pyramid in the Yucatan, Mexico by sacrifcing animals to the gods.

London that won’t break the bank


Magnificent Nunhead Cemetery

London may be known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world but what a lot of people don’t know is that there are loads of totally free activities to fill your days and nights, leaving you with more pennies to save for your next trip. London’s museum and galleries have been free for some time now but there are lots of other cheap, cheerful and less-well known attractions just waiting to be discovered. So here it is: an insider’s top five tip-off to get you started (and when you’ve got through these, pick up one of the many free newspapers given out on the underground to give you even more ideas).

Great ideas for a bank holiday in London


The UK has so few national holidays that we treasure those 8 bank-holiday Mondays sprinkled throughout the year; and, with May having a greedy 2, you have to make sure you make the most of your long weekends – even if it typically rains, as we all know it will!

As the Spring bank holiday is only few days away here’s what we did on the last May Day bank holiday to give you a few ideas for what you can do with yours:

El Día de la Asunción


DSC00156 (Large)August 15 is the day commemorating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, when many believe that Jesus’ mother at the end of her life physically rose to heaven. Jocotenango, small town just 20 minutes walk from Antigua, holds annually a fête to celebrate this religious festival and so we went along to see what it was all about.

And to be honest, it was just like Honley carnival from when I was growing up in Yorkshire.

Inti Raymi – the ‘pagan’ sun festival is alive and beating its drum



Praise to the sun (by Karen Nagy)

Praise to the sun (by Karen Nagy)

Taking an online quiz to find out which religion you practice might not seem the best path to spiritual refinement but finding out that, firstly I am an secular humanist and, more importantly, secondly a neo-pagan, lead me to a truly enlightening experience.