Human Rights

Are you really dying for a Coca Cola?


Have a look at this unconventional report on what Coca Cola is doing for the world; it’s not just about cheesey ads with nostalgic tunes like First Time by Robin Beck; bare-chested men filling the emotional hole of single women on their 11.30 diet coke break; or Coca Cola claiming it might as well have invited Christmas – it’s the real thing alright!

Coca-Cola – The Alternative Report

The human price of cheap clothes


Ever wondered how it’s possible for certain UK stores to make and sell clothes for such a low cost? Well, someone always has to pay the price even if it is not you directly. Judge for yourself @:

Fashion Victims

Women accussed of being witches in India are beaten in local playground


Superstitous beliefs or greed and jealousy?

This is no urban myth

This is no urban myth!

Picture paints the truth!

We came across this mural yesterday. It was painted on the wall of a disused building site, in a non-descript area of town, on a main road, right  where you wouldn’t imagine anybody would both to stop and look. It reminded me of an article I read back in May.